The Paper Man

the paper man

with his paper job

lived inside his paper house.


he drove around in his paper car

to all his favorite paper places

to meet his favorite paper people.


and he married a beautiful paper woman

and they raised some terrific paper kids

who fit right in with the whole paper world.


the paper cities

the paper schools

the paper governments

all made the paper man very happy.


and he kept all his paper

inside a paper drawer

secured with a paper lock

that only his paper key could open.


but one day he lost his paper key.

somewhere along the way, he doesn't know where.  

he doesn't know when.                                                                                                                   

so he searched long and hard for his paper key

he looked under his paper wife, his paper kids, his paper dog

but he couldn’t find it anywhere, in the whole paper world.  


the paper man didn’t know what else to do.

so he burned down his paper house

his paper car

his paper family.

to find his paper key. 


he had stored up all his paper memories

inside his paper mind.

and he couldn’t find his paper heart. 





faded away.