They're already old men

with                                                                                                     fat faces                                                                                               fat bellies                                                                                           and fat minds

they went out one door                                                                       and rushed into this great world. 

they are here to replace the old                                                             they are here to become older                                                             they are here to be better at being old-er                                             they are here to teach the young how to become old. 

they need to live to be old                                                                 they need to die old.                                                                           this is all that really matters.

their purpose could not be clearer,                                                     their boxes are all checked.                                                               their minds were made up for them                                                   when they were still old children.

i follow, a little behind                                                                     trying to trip myself                                                                               as many times as possible.