Life is a big pile of little piles

piles of dirty clothes, clean clothes, dirty
piles of dishes and piles of trash
and each season has its own special pile:

in winter, snow
in spring, mulch
in summer, grass
in fall, leaves

Our food is piled high on plates
and people pile in cars and trains.
in buildings we pile on top of one another
and in beds we do the same

a pile of shit, of dirt, of diamonds
a pile of pictures and awards

and everyone’s either trying to build their 
pile up or get rid of it

people push their piles this way and that
whichever way it takes to make their pile look nice

and all the right piles are on display

a pile of hurt, of hope
of bills and dope

a pile of smiles and broken hearts

how big can your piles be
and how little can they become?

whose pile is the prettiest?

god, I hope it’s mine