This way

the downtrodden have a walk                                                           they do                                                                                                 they don't walk like the others do                                                     they walk funny, isn't that funny?                                                       they're much slower, of course,                                                         and much shorter in feet                                                                     they walk like the dead                                                                       but even they don't speak                                                                 they walk in straight squiggly lines                                                     with their heads in the ground                                                           they just walk by the side                                                                   as the children abound

I don't think you can really even call it a walk -                                 more like crawling on two feet                                                           they have many places to go but no purpose to be                         they could spend all day walking until they've fallen to theirknees they don't really mind walking for they like putting forward their feet it makes them feel purposeful, for what purpose they don't know

why on earth am i walking when i could be asleep?

they're much                                                                                       they're little                                                                                         like you                                                                                               and me