In this town

When it rains, no one carries                                                             umbrellas over their little hatches

In winter, when it's 10 degrees plus wind,                                         no one wears gloves on their frozen fingers                                     or hats on their bright heads

or warm socks and waterproof boots                                                 on their feet, as they slog through                                                     slushy sleet in their soaking sneakers

6 days of rain, of lesson after lesson                                                 and still - no umbrella, no boots

who wrote all of these people                                                           and put them in here?

who gave each of them parts                                                             and even some lines?

who told them to stand here                                                               and now walk through this fire?

who is it that tells them                                                                       each morning and each night                                                             I love you, I love you                                                                           good morning, good night